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    Pictures of UK, England

    The Outer Circle

    The Stone Avenue

    Avebury, Small

    Fagus Sylvatica

    Gorgon's Head

    The Great Bath

    The Royal Crescent

    Queen Boudica

    Pictish Bull

    Eastgate Clock

    Roman Deva

    Black and White

    Saint George, 14-18

    Bridge Street, Chester

    The Water of Life

    A Wiltshire Cottage

    English Countryside

    Oliver Cromwell

    Franks Casket

    Mahatma Gandhi

    A Small Garden

    The Prime Meridian

    Honi Soit qui Mal

    Devizes, the Kennet

    The Tower of London

    Tower Bridge, London

    Vice-Admiral Horatio

    An Acroterion

    All Souls College

    Boats on the River

    Carfax Tower

    Magdalen College

    Magdalen Facade

    Merton Field

    Codrington Library

    The Saxon Tower



    Salisbury Cathedral

    Old Sarum

    Scale Model

    Street Scene

    War Memorial

    Wren Hall

    Silbury Hill

    Stonehenge Crow

    The Heelstone

    The Triliths

    Outer Circle



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