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    Pictures of Albania

    Albanian Rainbow

    Albanian Village

    Buna Delta

    Sheep on the Buna

    Lead Mosque

    Colored Houses

    Ethem Bey Mosque


    National History Museum


    Deshmorete Kombit

    Small Red House

    Skanderbeg Statue

    Skanderbeg Square


    Old Houses

    Semanit Valley

    Berat Citadel

    Near Fier


    Mali i Gjerë

    The Fortress



    Drino Valley

    Patch of Mist

    Gjirokastër South

    Bell Tower

    Blue Eye

    Syri i Kalkër


    Butrint Tower


    Xarra and Konispoli

    Lion Gate

    The Ferryman

    Butrint Theatre

    Triangle Tower

    Butrint Wetland

    Vivari Channel

    Behind Saranda

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